If you are a member of The City, click on the logo below (or click here) and it will take you to the log in page. 

If you want to know more about The City, read our FAQs below.


The City Frequently Asked Questions

What is “The City”? - The City is our online (Internet) tool that we use to build and communicate within our Trinity community.

Why do we need it? - As we grow, the staff and ministry leaders need a better, more efficient way to communicate with the Trinity family and organize its volunteers. Simply put, The City provides an easier way to do this. It harnesses the power of online social networking to help us serve each other and our community.

Is The City going to be just one more thing for me to do and is it worth my time? - Although it may feel like a bit of work as you initially learn how The City works, you will soon discover that it makes communication and networking with staff and volunteers very easy. It is also a quicker way to find out what is going on at our church.

Is my information on The City secure? - The City is a closed community, and no one from outside our church will be able to see any of the information that is posted there. The City website is managed by Zondervan, a large publishing company of primarily Christian-based literature. Zondervan’s resources to safeguard the integrity and security of this environment far exceeds the expertise and resources of Trinity over its own IT environment.

Do I have to be really involved in the community of Trinity to be on The City? - Absolutely not! If you have recently started coming to Trinity and now are starting to think that this is the church for you, you are welcome to join. 

How do I join The City? - We need to send you an invitation to join. There are a couple of ways to request this invitation:

  1. You can visit the Welcome Desk in the lobby on a Sunday morning and provide us with your name and email address and a staff member will get you set up.
  2. You can also send an email to info@trinitystreetsville.org and a staff member will get you set up.

You will receive an invitation to the email address that you provide. You will then have to click on the link in that email, where you'll be navigated to The City to start setting up your profile. 

After I have signed up to The City, what are my next steps? - The next steps are easy – read your news, read your messages and explore around!! You’ll develop your own personal way of using The City. Good luck!