To be an Evangelical Anglican church means to be part of a specific tribe, within a tribe, within a movement. 

Firstly, we are Christian.

We are members of the universal Church, made up of all those who follow Jesus Christ as Lord and identify with His body, the Church.

Secondly, we are Evangelicals. 

We believe the bible to be the infallible, written Word of God

We believe the bible to be the infallible, written Word of God

Evangelicals are found within most denominations. The following are the main distinctives which characterise Evangelicals:

  • we are orthodox theologically
  • we centre our personal spiritual lives and public worship and preaching on Jesus, and in particular the centrality of His saving death on the cross
  • we believe the Bible is God's Word written, true in what it says and functioning as our supreme written authority for life
  • we believe that to be saved from coming judgement everyone must trust Jesus as Saviour and follow Him as Lord, and that God wants to grow us up to spiritual maturity
  • we are missional, believing that we work with God in His great work of redeeming and healing all of creation
Thomas Cranmer, author of our earliest Prayer Book

Thomas Cranmer, author of our earliest Prayer Book

Thirdly, we are Anglicans.

As Anglicans our theology and practice of church arose in the Church of England at the time of the Reformation (starting around 1540 CE) and grows out of  three of key documents, notably the Book of Common Prayer (1662), the 39 Articles of Religion, and the Ordinal (for bishops, priests and deacons). 

We are part of a global community consisting of 70 million followers of Jesus who are spread around the world. Whilst our origins are in England the majority of Anglicans now live and worship in Africa. 

Trinity Church Streetsville is part of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. The Diocese of Toronto, founded in 1839, is the largest of the 30 Dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada. For more information on the Diocese’ work in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please visit its website.